About Zach Taylor
photo- Zach Taylor getting ready to drop the Terminal Cancer couloir in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada.  photo by Sam Jordan, 2016.
​     Zach Taylor is a year round mountaineer based out of Golden, Co.  He specializes in snowboard mountaineering but enjoys all forms of climbing.  He has climbed and ridden peaks extensively across North America and his spent time in most of the major mountain ranges of the US.  His favorite mountain ranges to climb and ride peaks are the Colorado Rockies, the Pacific Northwest Cascade range, and the Tetons of Wyoming.  
​     Zach has climbed all of Colorado's 14ers, most of them many times, and has snowboarded down 2/3s of them.  He has also climbed nearly one hundred 13,000' peaks in Colorado not counting his adventures across other parts of the US.  When not snowboarding Zach spends his time rock/ice climbing, hiking, backpacking, trail running, traveling, surfing, and diving.  
​     Zach has extensive experience in the areas of wilderness medicine and mountain rescue as well.  He is a former member of Alpine Rescue Team, a Wilderness EMT, member of the Wilderness Medical Society, member of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses and has taught wilderness rescue/safety and avalanche/snow science to both the public and professional mountain rescuers for several years.
     Zach has been featured in Frequency Snowboard Journal, Elevation Outdoors Magazine, Teton Gravity Research, The Denver Post, The Vail Daily, the Unversity of Colorado Health Insider and several other local publications discussing topics such as his own snowboard mountaineering experiences, wilderness medicine, the history of snowboard mountaineering in Colorado, and avalanche safety.  He has also published neuroscience research in the Society for Neuroscience Journal and presented his research at the Metropolitan State University of Denver Research Conference.
     Zach has degrees in neuroscience and nursing and pays for most of his fun by working as a nurse in a Neuro Intensive Care Unit in Colorado.  On the rare occasion he is not working or climbing mountains he enjoys reading science literature and keeping up with new advances in medicine and neuroscience.     
     Zach can currently be reached by email at zachtaylorsnowboarding@gmail.com .  Enjoy the site and happy turns!
photo-  Zach Taylor enjoying a powder day on Red Mountain pass.  photo by Teal Potter, 2016.