I had ridden all the other 14ers in the Mosquito range over this last spring and I wanted to finish snowboarding all the Mosquito range 14ers before all the snow was gone so I headed up to Fourmile creek to attempt my last Mosquito range 14er, Mt. Sherman.  I got a late start and it was late afternoon before I got to the trailhead.  It was fairly cold, and windy.  Clouds swirled over my head.  I figured I would watch the weather closely and go for it. 
  As I hiked up into the basin beneath Mt. Sherman and its lower cousin Mt. Sheridan,  the weather still seemed sketchy.  I didn't see any lightning but was worried about it developing with the clouds.  I decided I would have a better chance of summiting Mt. Sheridan the 13er as it was a shorter distance.  I quickly hiked up to the saddle between Sheridan and Sherman.  I turned left towards Sheridan and followed the ridge to the summit.
  I quickly strapped on my board and descended the frozen, hard slopes of Sheridan back into Fourmile creek.  I would have to return for Sherman at a later date. 
Mt. Sheridan  13,748'
photo- A view of the southeast slopes of Mt. Sheridan. photo by Zach Taylor, 2009.
ascent and descent route: southeast slopes
member of group: Zach Taylor, solo
photo- A view of the sun setting in Fourmile creek. photo by Zach Taylor, 2009.