ascent and descent route: Uneva bowl(southwest bowl off Vail pass)
member of trip: Zach Taylor(solo)
Uneva peak 12,522'
photo- A view of the north face of Uneva Peak.  photo by Zach Taylor, 2009.
  I live in Avon and have heard of people skiing Uneva peak quite frequently.  I had been most of the way just exploring Vail pass previously.  I drove up to the top of Vail pass and parked in the early morning dark. 
  I hiked across the road and skinned out.  I started coming into the bowl beneath Uneva peak as the sun rose.  I continued a steep skin up the icy bowl to the top of the ridge that leads up to Uneva Peak.  The ridge was fairly scoured of snow so I threw my board on my back and walked up to the summit.  It was a nice, relatively warm day for mid-March.  I laid down and took a nap on the summit in the sun for about an hour.
  The temperature had dropped and some clouds rolled in.  It was time to get moving and warm up.  I walked the 10 minutes back down the summit to the top of the bowl and dropped in and rode back to the top of Vail pass.
  The bowl was quite icy and hard.  It was still a nice place.  I was excited to snowboard off a peak on Vail pass.  I also got to check out the steep north east face of Uneva peak.  There are some cool lines that drop off here that I would like to return to.