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Zach Taylor Snowboarding
photo-Zach Taylor riding the NE Couloir of Lake Fork Peak.  photo by Sam Harmon, 2016
     Welcome to !  I began putting this website together in 2009 because I wanted to share the stories and pictures of my adventures in the mountains.  As the years have passed by this website has grown in size immensely as I have traveled all over the US and beyond climbing and riding down big mountains.  
     My first write ups from 2009 start in the upper left column of this page and progress through to the last few years at the bottom of the column.  I think the early stories at the top are a bit raw in the context of pictures and writing but they are the story of the beginnings of this site.  As you move down the left column you will find improved photography and writing.
     Keep in mind that some of these peaks are elite, steep snowboard descents that have only been ridden once or a few times and require a very high level of both snowboarding and mountaineering ability while others are much more straight forward peaks that are ridden all the time by many people and are just fun classics for the average weekend splitboard mountaineer looking to get out for a nice day in the mountains.  
     The intentions of this website are to share my adventures with you and hopefully inspire you to get out and enjoy the mountain's good tidings and steep corn snow!  This website is not a guidebook and while you may find both valuable information and inspiration here you will not find the tools you need to stay safe in the mountains.  These tools are gained from taking classes in mountaineering, avalanche safety, & wilderness navigation, being mentored by those more experienced than you, and getting out there gaining experience with your friends on the high peaks that we love.  
     I can be reached at . Thanks for visiting my site and reading.  I hope you find some inspiration here.  Happy turns!

Zach Taylor

"May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds." Edward Abbey

photo-Zach Taylor climbing the Shit For Brains couloir in Summit County, Co.  Photo by Andy "Danger" Mention, 2013.